A ceremony or service run by a qualified funeral celebrant honours and celebrates the life of a loved one. It gives comfort, healing and support to family and friends.  

A professional funeral celebrant can help you through a difficult time.

A professional funeral celebrant can help you through a difficult time.

Funeral ceremony

A funeral ceremony is a celebration of a life, a tribute to a loved one who has passed away. 

I bring all my experience as a mother of three, Registered Nurse and experienced funeral celebrant to work sensitively with you to plan a funeral ceremony that will celebrate your loved one’s story.   

Lean on me to support you through the planning. You can play a major role or allow yourself to be in the moment on the day, not worrying about any of the details, because I will be there to make sure everything runs smoothly and as per your expectations.

Memorial service

A memorial service is less formal than a funeral, the body of your loved one is not present. 

The service is often held within a week of the death but the timing can be flexible to suit the needs of your family. You might want to hold the service on a meaningful date in the future, for instance.

Holding a professionally organised service led by an experienced celebrant leaves you free to be in the moment, and will provide great comfort. A memorial service can be an important step in coming to terms with your loss, and healing.

Your memorial service was wonderful, a fitting tribute to my mother. The entire family gave the day the thumbs up.
— Cindy Smith
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Pre-arranged funeral ceremony

As a nurse I have cared for chronically ill patients. Planning your own ceremony can bring peace of mind. Family members aren’t always ready to talk about your impending parting from this life. It would be my honour to help you plan how you would like your life to be celebrated and work with you and your family. When the time comes, you will be celebrated with grace, ease along with love and memories.


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