Naming ceremony

Celebrate the birth of your child with a Naming Ceremony. As a mother of three boys, I know how busy life with a newborn can be so let me assist you to create a ceremony that is as special as your beautiful child/children. 

Naming ceremonies can be a simple gathering at home or something more elaborate. I will work with you and assist you to create the perfect ceremony.

A naming ceremony can be performed at any age, you may like to wait until your child is older. Ensuring, they too can remember and participate in their ceremony. 

Rosamund House

Rosamund House

House naming/blessing/warming

Have you moved into a fabulous new home and are looking for a fun yet special way to celebrate your new abode with friends and family?

Moving is stressful and organising a celebration with friends might feel too daunting after all your hard work. However, it doesn’t have to be complicated to celebrate this new chapter in your lives. I’m available to organise and perform a stylish ceremony to complement you and your new beginning. 



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